Review Research Methods Terminology
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Political Analysis Books
The Essentials of Political Analysis, 6th Edition
With Companions for
SPSS, Stata,
Excel, and R
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thumbnail previewUsing PivotTable to Create Controlled Mean Comparison Table
Example shows repair time (DV) by technician, controlling for job type (4:01).data
African Politics
Comparative Politics
American Politics
Advanced Methodology
Voting & Elections
Teaching & Learning
Law, Courts & Justice
Teaching Assistant
European Politics
This program helps students review key political science terminology in different classes.

About the Teaching Assistant Program:

This program helps students review essential terms in a number of different political science classes. You can adjust the duration, speed, and topics covered. Select the chapter(s) you want to review and the start the program. You can also make printable flashcards. Use the quick start link for five-minute review session.

Which Chapter(s) Should We Review?
Studying Politics Scientifically37 termsflashcardsquick start
Definition and Measurement of Concepts42 termsflashcardsquick start
Measuring and Describing Variables52 termsflashcardsquick start
Proposing Explanations, Framing Hypotheses, and Making Comparisons31 termsflashcardsquick start
Making Controlled Comparisons15 termsflashcardsquick start
Research Design and the Logic of Control69 termsflashcardsquick start
Conducting Your Own Political Analysis31 termsflashcardsquick start
Interviews and Surveys21 termsflashcardsquick start
Sampling28 termsflashcardsquick start
Foundations of Statistical Inference33 termsflashcardsquick start
Tests of Significance and Measures of Association45 termsflashcardsquick start
Correlation and Linear Regression41 termsflashcardsquick start
Logistic Regression17 termsflashcardsquick start

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