What is the American Bar Association (ABA)?Largest voluntary organization of lawyers in the country.
What is the American Judicature Society?Court reform organization that historically stressed court unification and merit selection of judges.
What is the assigned counsel system?Arrangement whereby attorneys are provided for people accused of a crime who are unable to hire their own lawyers. The judge assigns a member of the bar to provide counsel to a particular defendant.
What is the bar (the legal bar)?Community of attorneys permitted to practice law in a particular jurisdiction or court.

Barrister? Segment of the English legal profession that argues cases in the major trial courts.
What is a casebook?Law textbook containing leading edited judicial opinions on a particular legal subject.
What is the case method?Teaching device using case law and the Socratic method to educate students in law school.
What is a contingency fee?Fee arrangement in some civil cases in which the attorney receives a percentage of any award won by the plaintiff, typically one- third.

Define disbar.To take away a lawyer's right to practice law.
What is an integrated bar?System whereby membership in a state bar association is required in order to practice law.
What is a law review?Legal journal edited by law school students.
Define malpractice.Professional misconduct or the below-standard performance of professional duties. Usually applies to suits against physicians and lawyers.

Define negotiate.Discuss, arrange, or bargain about a settlement or compromise between the parties of a lawsuit.
What is a paralegal?A professional without a law degree who does legal research and assists lawyers in drafting documents and preparing arguments. May possess a two- year associate degree or an appropriate certificate plus a four- year degree.
Define privilege.Something not enjoyed by everyone. The government is not required to provide legal assistance in civil cases.
What is pro bono publico?Latin phrase meaning ''for the public good.''

What are proprietary law schools?Private law schools run for profit.
Who is a public defender?Attorney employed by the government to represent indigent defendants.
What is a retainer?Advance paid by a client to an attorney to engage his or her services.
What is the separation of powers?Constitutional arrangement whereby legislative, executive, and judicial powers are exercised by three separate and distinct branches of government.

What is the Socratic method?Socrates' method of teaching, which uses the systematic questioning of another to reveal his or her hidden ignorance or to elicit a clear expression of a truth supposed to be known by all rational beings.
What is a solicitor?One segment of the legal profession in England. Solicitors do the routine office work dealing with clients directly and prepare cases for the barristers, who argue in the higher courts.
What is the unauthorized practice of law?Non-lawyers doing things that only lawyers are permitted to do.