What is analytical jurisprudence?School of jurisprudence that attempts to systematize the law utilizing tools of logic.
What are chambers?Private office of a judge.
What is a Docket? Listing of cases to be heard by a court.
What is a Gubernatorial appointment? Method of judicial selection in which the governor appoints a person to a judicial vacancy; does not involve an election.

What is impeachment?Official accusation against a public official brought by a legislative body seeking his or her removal.
Define Incumbent. The holder of an office or a position.
What is a Judicial conduct commission? Official body that investigates allegations of misconduct made against judges.
What is a judicial election?Method of judicial selection in which the voters choose judicial candidates in a partisan or nonpartisan election.

Who are Judicial reformers? Individuals and groups who stress the need for change in the American judiciary.
What is judicial restraint?Variously defined. A philosophy pro-posing that, in deciding cases, judges should declare unconstitutional only those legislative actions and executive actions that clearly violate the words of the Constitution or the intent of the framers and that constitutional changes should be left to the formal amendment process.
What is a legislative election?Method of judicial selection in which the legislature, and not the voters, chooses judges.
What is Merit selection? Method of judicial selection involving a judicial nominating commission, selection by the governor, and typically a judicial retention election.

What is the Missouri Bar Plan? A method of judicial selection that combines merit selection and popular control in retention elections.
What is a Nonpartisan election? Election in which candidates who are not endorsed by political parties are presented to the voters for selection.
What is a Partisan election? Election in which candidates endorsed by political parties are presented to the voters for selection.
Define perjury.Deliberately testifying falsely under oath about a material fact; a criminal offense.

What are Recall elections?Method used in some states to remove judges from office. Recall elections allow the voters to remove judges from the bench directly.
Define recuse.To disqualify oneself as a judge in a case because of some personal involvement or interest.
What is a Retention election? Part of merit selection in which the incumbent judge runs for re- election without an opponent.
Senatorial courtesy? Custom in the U. S. Senate that requires the president to clear judicial appointments with the senators of the state wherein the appointment occurs when the senators are of the president