Chapter 4From (List generated Jan 27, 2023)
  1. Basic Cross-Tabulation and Mosaic Plot Demo.,
  2. Box Plot of Hillary Clinton Rating by Party ID Demo.,
  3. Calculating Means and Standard Deviations in PivotTable,
  4. Creating Crosstabs,
  5. Creating Tables,
  6. Cross Tabulation With Frequencies and Percentages,
  7. Cross-Tabulation and Mosaic Plot with Optional Labels Demo.,
  8. Customizable Cross-tabulations with Stata 17,
  9. Describing and Comparing a Continuous Variable Between Two Groups,
  10. Displaying Variable Means with Bar Graphs,
  11. Excel Pivot Tables Explained,
  12. Excel PivotTables Made Easy,
  13. How to Group, Ungroup, and Remove PivotTable Rows,
  14. How to Make Cross-Tabulation,
  15. How to Use Aggregate Function,
  16. Line Chart Comparing Values of Nominal Dependent Variable Demo.,
  17. Making Comparisons Tutorial,
  18. Map Chart Tutorial,
  19. Mean Comparison Analysis of Hillary Clinton Ratings Demo.,
  20. Modifying graphs using the Graph Editor,
  21. One and Two-Way Tables of Summary Statistics,
  22. Tables and cross-tabulations in Stata,
  23. Using Count, Average and Sum in Pivot Tables,
  24. Using SUM, COUNT and AVERAGE in PivotTables,
  25. Video Tutorial: Creating Crosstabs for Categorical Variables,