Special Edition: The Politics of Gun Violence in the United States
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What is reverse discrimination?
The charge that an affirmative action program discriminates against those who do not have minority status.
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Research on the Politics of Gun Violence with Replication Data Available
Racial Resentment and Whites' Gun Policy Preferences in Contemporary AmericaAlexandra Filindra; Noah J. Kaplan (2016) POLBEH.
Do Officer-Involved Shootings Reduce Citizen Contact with Government?Elisha Cohen; Anna Gunderson; Kaylyn Jackson; Paul Zachary; Tom S. Clark; Adam Glynn; Milo Leo Owens (2019) JOP.
Critical Events and Attitude Change: Support for Gun Control After Mass Shootings*Jon Rogowski; Patrick Tucker (2019) PSRM.
Seeing Blue in Black and White: Race and Perceptions of Officer-Involved ShootingsHakeem Jefferson; Fabian G. Neuner; Josh Pasek (2021) POP.
Accounting for Pre-Treatment Exposure in Panel Data: Re-Estimating the Effect of Mass Public ShootingsTodd K. Hartman; Benjamin J. Newman (2019) BJPS.
Mass Shootings and Public Support for Gun ControlBenjamin J. Newman; Todd K. Hartman (2019) BJPS.
Reexamining the Effect of Mass Shootings on Public Support for Gun ControlDavid Barney; Brian Schaffner (2019) BJPS.
Mobilize for Our Lives? School Shootings and Democratic Accountability in U.S. ElectionsHans J. G. Hassell; *John Holbein; Matthew Baldwin (2020) APSR.
The Direct and Moderating Effects of Mass Shooting Anxiety on Political and Policy AttitudesMark R. Joslyn; Donald P. Haider-Markel (2018) RAP.
Also see Journal Data Archives | Author Replication Data
Past Special Edition: Russia Invades Ukraine
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Conducting Paired Samples t-Test
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