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Special Edition Articles with Replication Data
Elite Competition and State Capacity Development: Theory and Evidence from Post-Revolutionary MexicoFrancisco Garfias (2018) APSR, more info.
Information Provision, Voter Coordination, and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from Mexican Social NetworksEric Arias, +4 more authors (2019) APSR, more info.
Extending Rights to Marginalized Minorities: Same-Sex Relationship Recognition in Mexico and the United StatesVictor Cruz-Aceves, +1 more author (2018) SPPQ, more info.
Militarization and Perceptions of Law Enforcement in the Developing World: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Mexico*Gustavo Flores-MacĂ­as, +1 more author (2022) BJPS, more info.
Institutionalized Police Brutality: Torture, the Militarization of Security and the Reform of Inquisitorial Criminal Justice in Mexico*Beatriz Magaloni, +1 more author (2020) APSR, more info.
Electoral Accountability and Particularistic Legislation: Evidence from an Electoral Reform in MexicoLucia Motolinia (2021) APSR, more info.
The Fingerprints of Fraud: Evidence from Mexico's 1988 ElectionFrancisco Cantu (2019) APSR, more info.
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Past Special Editions: Gun Violence; Russia-Ukraine War; Donald Trump
SPECIAL EDITION: The Perils and Promise of Politics in Mexico
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Understanding Sample and Population Standard Deviations
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Racial Segregation in American Prisons: How Widespread?
Racial segregation seems to be standard practice in prison. Prisoners are assigned to cells or...

MORE QUESTIONS: Why Only 50% of Findings Can Be Replicated: Exploratory Thoughts
Why Did State Legislatures Give Up Power to Pick Presidential Electors?

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