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I spend a lot of time at a computer coding data, writing programs, and editing articles. I like listening to music while I work. Although I like many different types of music, I prefer instrumental music when I'm working on political science projects (I find words in songs distracting when I'm working with words in a program or writing). I particularly enjoy ambient electronic music but sometimes switch things up with some classical music or jazz. The variety of music available on the internet is incredible; these are some of the sites I listen to, I hope you enjoy them!

Music for Coding and Programming:

1. SomaFM This is my go-to site for great music. It 20 channels offer a variety of ambient sounds, my favorites are Groove Salad and Space Station Soma, commercial free! edit
2. Ambient Electronic Channels from Shoutcast Shoutcast is a great directory of free on-line stations, I enjoy most of the stations in this section and try to discover new stations here edit
3. Pandora I created my own station here by letting it know a few artists I like and it plays their songs along with artists Pandora expects me to enjoy, it works great and is fun way to discover new music edit
4. Space Age Pop Music Channels from Shoutcast Another great set of channels from the Shoutcast directory, stylish and futuristic sounds edit
5. Floex Playlist Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex, is an amazing czech composer, musician, and graphic artist. edit
6. Ulrich Schnauss Playlist transcendent composer from Berlin edit
7. Space Travel Radio The exploration of sound for Star Citizens. edit
8. Tobias Bassline Youtube Videos a nice collection of continuous mixes of ambient electronic music edit
9. PsyradioFM I like its Chillout Channel, its other channels are too fast paced for me. Love the trippy cube music player. edit
10. Chill Music Channels from Shoutcast This Shoutcast page overlaps its ambient electronic page but has some fun, unusual sounds for something different. edit
11. Top Tracks for Klaus Schulze one of the pioneers of ambient electronic music, many of these tracks are decades old but sound timeless edit
12. General Fuzz Tunes From his web site edit
13. Eat Static - Back To Earth Full album streaming on youtube. edit
14. Kodomo - Still Life (Full Album) beautiful music edit
15. Classical Music from Minnesota Public Radio limited talk edit
16. General Fuzz Playlist General Fuzz = James Kirsch edit
17. Baby Mammoth YouTube Channel great collection of hip electronic ambient edit
18. DJ Blancah youtube channel edit

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