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US Circuit Courts Data
This is a collaborative research project to analyze a representative sample of US Circuit Courts of Appeals opinions issued between 2010 and 2016.
Conduct cross-tabulation analysis of sample of cases decided 2003-2010.

dataAuthor Replication Data
David Darmofal
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dataJournal Replication Data; International Relations
International Studies Quarterly Dataverse
Also see ISQ's legacy archive. data
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publicationMy Publications
Institutional Control of Redistricting and the Geography of Representation
The Journal of Politics (2017).
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  • ampolAmerican Politics
    Rutherford Hayes's Positions on Roll Call Votes
    45th Congress: House Senate
    46th Congress: House Senate
    Image: White House Presidents' Gallery
    More Presidents' Positions on Roll Calls

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    dataPolitical Science Journals
    Politics and Religion
    A journal of the Religion and Politics section of APSAdata
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    dataStatistical Data Collections; International Relations
    Correlates of War Project Datasets
    COW seeks to facilitate the collection, dissemination, and use of accurate and reliable quantitative data in international relations.data
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    dataTeaching Resources
    Center for Teaching and Learning
    at the University of Minnesotadata
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    dataWeb Site Soundtrack
    Baby Mammoth YouTube Channel
    great collection of hip electronic ambientdata
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