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lawLaw, Courts & Justice
US Circuit Courts Data
This is a collaborative research project to analyze a representative sample of US Circuit Courts of Appeals opinions issued between 2010 and 2016.
Conduct cross-tabulation analysis of sample of cases decided 2003-2010.

dataJournal Replication Data; American Politics
State Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Growing collection of replication datasets, as early as 2013.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
Development Economics Datasets
Managed by Masayuki Kudamatsudata

dataPolitical Science Blogs; American Politics
USAPP - American Politics and Policy
From the London School of Economicsdata


ampolAmerican Politics
William McKinley's Positions on Roll Call Votes
55th: House Senate
56th: House Senate
57th: House Senate
More Presidents' Roll Call Positions

dataAuthor Replication Data; American Politics
Jeff Lewis
Data on Congressional roll calls, California General Assemblydata

dataLegal Research
Guide to Fed. District and Bankruptcy Court Materials
Covers each Fed. Circuit, from Cornell LII.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; European Politics
Electoral Volatility in the European Parliament Elections
Data on electoral volatility and its internal components in European Parliament elections in all EU countries since 1979, for both the class bloc and the demarcation bloc.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; European Politics
Danish General Election Results
Results of Danish general elections 1953-2015 including number of votes and number of seats in parliamentdata

dataWeb Site Soundtrack
Eighty One (Full Album)
By Yppahdata


publicationMy Publications
The Essentials of Political Analysis, 6th Edition (with Philip H. Pollock)
Forthcoming from CQ Press, An Imprint of Sage Publishing (2019)

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dataPolitical Science Journals
Early View/Latest Articles
General interest journal of the Northeastern Political Science Association.data

dataTeaching Resources
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan
Founded in 1962, encourages the creation of learning environments in which diverse students can learn and exceldata