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lawLaw, Courts & Justice
US Circuit Courts Data
This is a collaborative research project to analyze a representative sample of US Circuit Courts of Appeals opinions issued between 2010 and 2016.
Conduct cross-tabulation analysis of sample of cases decided 2003-2010.

dataJournal Replication Data; International Relations
International Interactions Replication Data
Replication data, beginning with volume 36, issue 2 of 2010, current through at least 2018.data

dataStatistical Data Collections; Comparative Politics
Presidential Power Scores
presidential power scores for 116 countries across 181 time periodsdata

ampolAmerican Politics
James Garfield's Positions on Roll Call Votes
47th: House Senate
More Presidents' Roll Call Positions

dataAuthor Replication Data; American Politics
Peter Enns
Cornell University, see research.data

dataLegal Research
State Legal Resources for the United States
Compiled by Washburn Law Schooldata


dataPolitical Science Blogs
Governance for Development
From the World Bankdata

dataStatistical Data Collections; American Politics
State Policy Index
State and Local Public Policies in the United States is an ongoing research project and data compendium. On this website you can download spreadsheets containing data on state policies.data

publicationMy Publications
Institutional Control of Redistricting and the Geography of Representation (with Michael Crespin, Ryan Williamson, and Maxwell Palmer)
The Journal of Politics (2017).


dataWeb Site Soundtrack
The Art of Chill 1 (Full Album)
Mixed by Altitudedata

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dataPolitical Science Journals
Urban Affairs Review
Published by the Urban Politics Section of the APSA.data

dataTeaching Resources
Robust Regression with R Tutorial
Alastair Sanderson shows useful methods used to handle data with outliers.data